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Internet AccessData Center ServicesNEXRAD Level II Weather Data

ERC Broadband is an Internet provider to the region's educational and research community offering local access as well as long haul transport with maximum reliability and uptime.

The ERC has regional POPs in Asheville, Pisgah, Marshall, Burnsville and Cullowhee

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ERC Broadband provides Data Center services so that our customers can realize unique advantages and substantial cost savings when combined with other ERC services.

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The ERC is one of four top tier providers of WSR-88D data in the United States.

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Dark Fiber Resources

ERC Broadband has dark fiber resources available on our fiber-optic network in Western North Carolina. Paths on the network may be selected in segments or leased as full rings. Used for local inter-site connectivity or to reach areas outside WNC, rings of dark fiber allow the highest level of redundancy for critical data services. Our fiber includes three rings in Buncombe County.

Metro Backbone

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